An all-natural Korean beauty box you must try : Inspire Me Korea x Whamisa


There’s nothing quite like new skincare treats to lift your spirit and prep your skin for autumn, and the new Inspire Me Korea x Whamisa beauty box is perfect for making the colder weather more bearable. This affordable beauty box showcases pampering skincare products from Whamisa, a 100% natural, organic and cruelty-free innovative organic Korean skincare brand finally available in Europe at, and is everything you need this season. Here are the goodies inside:

A luxurious nourishing cleansing balm for winter


  We all know how important it is to take our makeup off, and the best way to do a thorough job is to start by using a micellar water to remove most of it, then following up with a cleansing oil to remove any last remnants. As someone with sensitive skin, I try to minimize the use of cotton pads to avoid irritating my skin, so I choose powerful and effective makeup removers that can remove my makeup in less than three minutes without needing many cotton pads. If you’ve read my best cleansing oils post you will already…

The Korean beauty secret to brighter skin: a dull skin savior


I’m about to tell you how I managed to wake up with the clearest and brightest skin of my life after less than a month of using this Korean beauty product. I have a never-ending love for it, and it is my all-time favourite skincare product. In fact, I love it so much that I have got through two bottles, opened a third, and have two new unopened bottles hidden in my beauty closet just in case it is ever discontinued.