Spring 2016 Beauty Haul





I was looking for an effective but gentle brightening and smoothing serum with Vitamin C, and I have found it. I’ve been using this product for the past few weeks and I can already see a difference in the overall appearance of my skin. I just love how it brighten my dull complexion, smooth my skin, minimizes my discoloration spots, tighten my pores and just makes my skin flawless without irritating it.



This beauty oil’s price is truly eye-watering (90$ for small size, 225$ for full size) but it is so effective I no longer sob about it. I received a sample version of it when I ordered the Antioxidant Dew Serum and I just ordered the full size. This facial oil is just perfect in every single way : beautiful packaging, cruelty-free, very effective, nice ingredients, wonderful but not overwhelming rose scent. It brings back moisture to dry skin, heals damaged/irritated skin, minimizes redness, strengthen skin’s barrier, firm and plump the skin, reduces skin’s sensitivity. The fine lines under my eyes aren’t as visible as before and my skin looks firmer and more supple. It provides amazing results on its own, but it’s even better when mixed with another serum of the brand, like the Antioxidant Dew (gosh I love this one as well), or mixed with another facial oil like the Green Keratin Supercharged Triple Rosehip Oil for an intense SPA-like facial massage. My face often looks puffy and bloated, especially in warm weather, but I noticed a huge improvement by massaging my face with 3 drops of this oil + 3 drops of the Green Keratin oil for 10 minutes every two nights for a week. I’m usually not too keen on spending so much money on a skincare product (expect if it’s one from Hera, maybe) but I will repurchase this gem without a single doubt.


Thayers’s toners are famous worldwide, and once you try them it’s not hard to understand why. They’re cheap, effective, gentle and non-irritating or at least for most people. This gentle rose toner soothes and heals irritated skin with rose water and aloe vera, moisturizes the skin with vegetable glycerin, minimizes sebum production and clogged pores with witch hazel and grapefruit seed extracts. My skin flushes easily because of warm weather, and to prevent it I keep a spray bottle I got at Sephora with some of the toner in it in my fridge to refresh my skin throughout the day. It doesn’t disturb my makeup at all, but instead enhance the lasting power of my foundation and tighten my pores. I also love to use it as a lotion mask every two days to brighten my skin. Available in Europe here.



I wanted to give my makeup routine a bit of an update so I decided to pick up the Too Faced Hangover Primer at Sephora. It quickly became one of my all-time favorite moisturizing primer and I’ve been using it almost every single day for the past two weeks. It’s silicone-free and leaves the skin incredibly smooth and moisturized. I love to use it underneath a thin layer of the Hera CC Cream or Urban Decay Naked Weightless Foundation to achieve a beautiful no-makeup spring look. Available at Macy’s and Sephora.





For days when I only want to wear very minimal makeup I always reach out to this base. It is barely pigmented but does an excellent job at brightening dull complexion, moisturizing and smoothing the skin. I also use it as a primer underneath a heavier CC/BB cream or foundation and it works a treat at adding radiance. I purchased the two shades available, Peach Pink and Pure Beige, and while Pure Beige fits perfectly those with neutral to yellow undertones Peach Pink is great for eliminating yellow tones in Asian skin.




Everyone has been talking about UD’s 2016 Spring Collection lately and now I totally understand why. My boyfriend got me the shade Aura at Sephora, a gorgeous light icy pink with cool lilac undertones in it, and I instantly fell in love with it. Unlike most highlighters this one doesn’t turn me into a disco ball if I apply too much and is easily buildable & blendable. I really love how it gives instant luminous glow without shimmers or glitters fallout. Fireball is next on my purchase list! Available at Macy’s and Sephora.



I never thought I would purchase another tinted moisturizer than the Hera CC Cream (because you know, Hera is ♥) but Serein Wu’s fantastic review made me run to the nearest Sephora store to purchase it. Most of my foundations tend to smudge, crease and accentuate my fine lines by the end of the day in hot weather but this one doesn’t. The coverage is very sheer but it does even out skintone and brighten my dull complexion beautifully.




These super long lasting glittery creamy/powdery eyeshadows are so beautiful I had a really hard time choosing between all the shades available. While I’m not a fan of glitters, especially when it comes to eyeshadows, I love how easy it is to create a sultry look with these eyeshadows without looking like a teenager in crisis. The colour selection is truly stunning, the formula is between cream and powder and doesn’t smudge/budge/crease at all even on oily eyelids. Most shades aren’t very pigmented and provides just a hint of color with a beautiful glossy finish, but are even better as eyeshadow toppers. I purchased shade 21 Flower Sands, a beautiful white beige with gold & white shimmers, and shade 24 Misty Pink, a gorgeous dusty pink with iridescent glitters. I love to use Misty Pink on top of Benefit Dandelion (which I use as an eyeshadow) or Hera Creamy Stick Shadow in Sugared Pink, and Flower Sands on the inner corners to really open up and brighten my eyes. I already ordered six more shades, because these eyeshadows are truly perfect. Available here and here.




Giovanni has been my favorite hair care brand for years (if you never tried their Smooth As Silk Shampoo you need to get your hands on it asap!) and I pretty much love everything from them. I recently made the huge mistake of purchasing a drugstore shampoo, Dove Daily Moisture Shampoo, and I deeply regret it as it made my hair extremely dry, dull and brittle. Yuck! First thing I did after this catastrophe was to purchase a new Giovanni Shampoo, and instead of the Smooth As Silk I picked up this one. It moisturizes and smooths my very rebellious thick dry hair, enhances shine, reduces frizz and is totally safe for color treated hair. I often dye my hair jet black (my natural color is dark brown with copper undertones) and this shampoo is pretty much the only one that makes my hair color last longer. It doesn’t make my hair tangle-free nor extremely soft, but I love what it does to damaged hair and how it cleans without stripping hair of moisture. Available in Europe here.


I just love, love LOVE how gorgeous my hair looks like after I use this conditioner. It makes hair extremely manageable, tangle-free, shiny, healthy, extremely soft and smooth. Available in Europe here.


Just in case you are wondering this post is not sponsored by Giovanni, I just happen to adore all of their hair products. I wasn’t too fond of thick leave-in conditioners as I only use oils or serums, but this product totally made me change my mind. It doesn’t weigh hair down or greasy but instead nourishes, hydrates and leaves hair shiny, 100% tangle-free and just beautiful. A must for dry, damaged hair. Available in Europe here.


I still wonder why it took me so long to buy this wonderful brush. As someone with long, thick hair very prone to tangling (and not just minor tangles, within minutes after brushing my hair I can’t even run my fingers through it) this detangling brush is truly a savior as it effortlessly detangles hair without pain. This is hands down the most effective and painless tool I have ever used against tangles.


After hearing so many good things about this hair mask I decided to finally purchase it and while I’m not disappointed in it I find it a little overpriced. It does pretty much what every hair masks do, meaning leaving hair silky smooth, more manageable and shiny. While the overall appearance of my hair has improved, Lush H’Suan Wen Hua and Jasmine & Henna Fluff-Ease gave me the same kind of results or better.



My dry skin always needs a boost of moisture all year long, and this body oil keeps my skin supple, soft, shiny and very smooth. Have I mentioned the incredibly sexy jasmine scent that lasts all day long? I never forget to use it whenever I decide to wear a skirt or a short as it leaves my legs very shiny and beautiful. It is formulated without mineral oil and absorbs into the skin in a matter of minutes. It contains Jasmine Essential Oil, Organic Rose Geranium Leaf Oil, Organic Blood Orange Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Rosehip Oil and Jojoba Oil.

13 Korean beauty products you should try this year




Immensely popular among celebrities, makeup artists and bloggers this wonderful product is like magic in a bottle. This multi-purposes essence revive dull skintone, smooths rough skin and exfoliates dead skin cells, moisturizes and soothes irritated skin, reduces skin’s sensitivity & redness, strengthen skin’s barrier, “plumps” & firm tired saggy skin, and balances sebum production.

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(2) Hera Biogenic Effector

The price tag gives me nightmares, but with 5% of Niacinamide this serum is a great solution against dull, tired and uneven skintone. It moisturizes the skin, reduces dark spots, even out uneven skintone (hyperpigmentation or discoloration), reduces freckles and brighten dull skintone. It also reduces yellow tinge in Asian skin. A cheaper but not less effective version is the Laneige Original White Plus Renew Essence.

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(3) Hera Hyaluronic Filler Ampoule

An optimal serum for if you wish to focus on combating fine lines, dryness, tired and saggy skin. Hyaluronic Acid is the superstar ingredient of this lightweight ampoule, and is has many anti-aging, firming and moisturizing skin benefits.

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(4) Hera Aquabolic Moisturizing Water & Emulsion

Investing in excellent and effective moisturizing products will save you troubles, disappointment and of course money. The Aquabolic line has two of the best moisturizing products I have ever tried. You only need a small amount of both to hydrate your whole face, and skin is noticeably softer & smoother by morning. They also prevent irritation, soothe irritated skin and reduce skin’s sensitivity.

More infos (Water) | More infos (Emulsion) | Shop Aquabolic Water | Shop Aquabolic Emulsion |

(5 & 6) Hera Magic Starter & CC Cream

The Magic Starter is a radiance boosting primer, and it doesn’t only help your foundation (or CC cream) glide on smoother and stay put longer, but it also gives a gorgeous brightening effect to the skin. Skin literally radiate underneath foundation. The CC Cream is fabulous and feels utterly weightless on the skin while providing a long-lasting medium coverage, and if you’re a reader of my blog you must already know it’s my all-time favorite base. It keeps the skin fresh and luminous all day long with a beautiful velvety yet dewy finish, and without clogging pores. It also contains some sexy anti-aging, moisturizing and purifying (anti-acne, balances sebum production) ingredients. Unfortunately only three shades are available, but mixed with a darker foundation or with TBS Shade Adjusting Drops you can darken it a little bit if you need to.

More infos (CC) | More infos (Magic Starter) | Full review | Shop CC | Shop Magic Starter shade 1, 2 and 3

(7) Su:m37 Secret Essence

This anti-aging and moisturizing essence contains 80 kinds of yeasts, good bacterias and fermented plant extracts. Sounds disgusting but the acids and yeasts are what make the magic happen. Skin looks firmer, brighter and moisturized upon the first application.

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(8) Mamonde Rose Honey & Jasmine Honey sleeping masks

These two very pretty sleeping masks smell heavenly, work a treat at brightening and moisturizing tired skin, and will not leave your wallet empty. Delivering an instant rush of moisture, they both make the skin looks fabulous with a healthy glow in the morning. The Jasmine Honey has a pudding-like texture is for brightening care while the Rose Honey has an oil-like texture for anti-aging care. Both are moisturizing.

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(9) Laneige Watery Concealer Cushion

For those with dry skin and fine lines the Laneige Concealer Cushion is probably one of the best concealer on the market. Highly moisturizing, it doesn’t settle into fine lines nor empathize them at all. Beside the convenient sponge applicator, the formula is weightless with a very buildable medium-coverage.

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(10) O Hui Cell Lightening Prism Cream

This skin-lightening cream not only reduces dark spots, hyperpigmentation spots and freckles, but also keeps the skin protected against dryness, dullness and pollution. It also acts as a wonderful primer as it contains some pinkish light-reflecting ingredients to instantly brighten dull complexion.

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(11) Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

If your lips are extremely chapped and dry and regular lipbalms don’t do the job, you need to introduce this little gem in your daily skincare routine asap. With a very sticky wax-type texture this lipbalm forms a moisturizing protective film on your lips. Hyaluronic acid, shea butter and beeswax moisture and soften your lips while Vitamin C and anti-oxidants from berries gently exfoliate dry flakes. It can also be used at day time but make sure to wait at least 10 minutes before applying your lipstick.

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(12) Laneige Trouble Relief Cream

This lightweight cream keeps sebum and whiteheads at bay with cypress extracts (antiseptic, anti-bacterial), cotton extracts (protects the skin, prevent breakouts) and meadowfoam seed oil (anti-oxidant, soften skin, balances sebum). Its mild formula is gentle enough for sensitive and damaged skin, making it perfect for irritated troubled (oily, acne-prone) skin.

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(13) Sulwhasoo Innerise Complete Serum

This serum targets early signs of aging and firms saggy skin with a bunch of herbal extracts and oils. Yeongsil Complex firms and fortifies the skin, reduces fine lines and soften rough skin.

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Three outfits I’m loving this spring

springlook1Black Peplum Top (H&M) – Slim White Pants (H&M) – Coral Flats (H&M) – Black & Gold Necklace (H&M) – Savannah Peach Bag (Michael Kors)


Freya Sleeveless Lace Blouse (Boohoo) – White Slim Fit Pants (H&M) – Necklace (Amazon) – Peach Bag (Chloe) – Nude High Heels (Boohoo)


Beige Jersey Top (H&M) – Denim Shorts (H&M) – Rose Gold Necklace (H&M) – Powder Pink Bag (H&M) – White High Heels (Asos) – Melted Lipstick in Peony (Too Faced)

Makeup Revolution London Blush Palette in Golden Sugar


One of the last purchase I made before leaving London was the Makeup Revolution London Blush Palette in Golden Sugar, and I must say I was terribly excited about it. I don’t usually buy low-end makeup, but who can resist these beautiful shades? This palette was pretty much screaming my name and costs only 6£. I rarely find highlighters and blushes I truly love, expect the ones by Hourglass but they are way too expensive for me at the moment, thus I kept my expectations low in case of a disappointment but finally this palette was an excellent surprise.

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Life Lately + Glowing skin : Skincare haul


March was crazy and I didn’t get the chance to update very often. As you may know I recently moved to Paris with my boyfriend and in the midst of chaos I couldn’t find much time to post new articles. It took me a long time to finally settle down and arrange our new place, which wasn’t easy because my kind boyfriend left me the gracious & easy task to buy all the furniture and decorate our place by myself, I quote “who cares about home decor?”. Have you ever tried explaining to someone who doesn’t speak your language you’re looking for a marble top coffee table with chrome legs? Well I have, and it wasn’t easy. At all.

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